Personal Coaching

Personal coaching for a fulfilling life

Personal coaching can give you the chance for a fulfilling and meaningful life. It is aimed at those who want to make a change in their private life, gain more clarity, develop new perspectives, and to strive for respect, self-fulfillment and personal development.

Here are some topics on which we can constructively work together:

  • Identify and develop your available resources, potential and strengths
  • Strengthen your ability to reflect upon your own personality
  • Recognize, accept and make use of your inner critic
  • Increase your awareness of your communication style and personal interactions and analyze how to use them mindfully
  • Identify, communicate and advocate for your own needs
  • Clarify your values, dreams and life’s purpose
  • Effectively handle change
  • Develop strategies for resolving internal and external conflicts
  • Make and implement conscious decisions
  • Identify your basic fears and develop strategies for addressing them
  • Shed light on the dynamics of stressful family situations and relationship crises and enable new ways of coping with them
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