Intercultural Coaching

Communication in a multicultural environment

Working abroad and living in another culture presents the opportunity to reconsider your perspective, to reposition yourself, and also to utilize more potential by tapping into various worldviews and integrating cultural perspectives in your life.
Dealing with cultural differences in the host country is also a challenge. It can bring about feelings of insecurity, isolation and helplessness and can cause misunderstanding and frustration.
In general, coaching across cultures will help you to better find your way in a new cultural environment in the new country, home setting and the workplace. The goal is to find concrete and clear ways to build your intercultural skills and to optimize your circumstances at work or home.

Opportunities and Challenges

Whether as an expatriate or an employee in an international company, whether accompanying your family or as a student during a semester abroad, I can support you in the following areas, for example:
• Recognizing the culture shock phase and preparing and shaping the process of adapting to the new culture
• Understanding reverse culture shock upon returning home and successfully managing the process of adjustment
• Recognizing family dynamics in relation to new challenges and coping with arriving and settling in
• Reflecting on your communication style and using creativity to discover ways to adapt it meaningfully in relation to the host culture
• Finding out how you communicate with people: High Context/ Low Context- Direct/ Indirect-Affective/ Neutral-Formal/ Informal
• Managing intercultural misunderstandings or conflicts in your relationships
• Overcoming feelings of insecurity, uneasiness or alienation

Some questions about managing your career abroad: How can I prepare myself most effectively for a job abroad? How do I view my career ambitions? How do I work across cultures and deal with unexpected challenges? What are the unique characteristics as well as underlying norms, values and beliefs at my destination?
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