Career Coaching

Career coaching for more success in your working life

Career coaching is aimed at those who want to find and realize their own professional vision, who want to grapple with the issues of career planning and career reorientation, and create an effective plan to achieve their objectives while remaining in synch with their true values.

We can work together on the following issues in a goal-oriented and effective manner.

For Employees and Individuals

  • Analyze and articulate your professional background and qualifications
  • Leverage your strengths, abilities and skills
  • Identify and explore your personal values ​​and attitude
  • Clarify your vision, values and goals
  • Professional (re)orientation: Set your short-, medium- and long-term goals and move into action.
  • Analyze and overcome your own inner obstacles and resistance
  • Prepare and practice for job interviews
  • Develop professional and career strategies
  • Understand your personal communication style
  • Work on internal conflicts

For Organizations, Businesses and the Self-Employed

  • Define your company’s identity and expertise
  • Clarify and develop goals, vision and intent
  • Design and articulate your company’s core values
  • Make clear and conscious decisions
  • Use resources and leverage your potential
  • Communicate clearly and appreciatively
  • Achieve respectful and constructive teamwork collaborations
  • Address and resolve internal conflicts and stress points
  • Optimize customer service

As a career coach, I am here to help you reach your career goals and thereby achieve success.

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