My Approach to Coaching

Respect and Appreciation

Respect and Appreciation

Respect and appreciation together with empathy and openness form the basis of a fruitful collaboration.

The relationship between you as client and me as coach is of vital importance to the process. That's why I listen to you with my full attention and appreciation. I acknowledge your values and experiences and honor your expectations and goals.

A protective and trusting atmosphere enables us to work together effectively.


At the center of my coaching approach, you stand as a whole person. By respecting and supporting your personal development, I can help you recognize and understand your own needs and intentions. For coaching, this means seeing in particular which strenghts, wishes and values you bring.

I combine a humanistic, systemic and solution-oriented approach to coaching.

The humanistic approach is based on a positive concept of humanity. Every human being has within his or her own self the need to learn, to realize his or her own potential, and to live a meaningful life.

The systemic approach is characterized by the fact that I do not focus just solely on you as an individual but also have your whole context in view. YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Coaching provides you with the framework in which to develop a space in which goals are reached and issues are clarified. It is about strengthening your competence and resources within your own context. 

Coaching is a solution-oriented approach. Full power forward. The coaching session focuses on the positive, on the goal and on the future. This approach facilitates change in the desired direction.

For coachees, this means finding out how to leverage your strenghts, overcome your weakness, deal with real issues as they arise, and build on their success along the way. | +49(0)176/34082216  | ©2018 Nadine Dassain